Nutritional Consultation

Nutritional Consultation

Dr. Kovacs is known for his individualized clinical nutrition program. This program caters to each patient's specific needs and uses natural food to allow the body to heal and repair itself. Each nutrition patient is evaluated by Dr. Kovacs using a series of tests and analysis to determine their personalized, individualized nutrition program. 

Nutrition Response Testing

A natural method of analyzing the body's physical and nutritional needs by testing the body's neurological reflexes and acupuncture points specific to an organ or tissue.

Systems Survey

A questionnaire of symptoms that correlate with many organs and glands and can uncover many underlying imbalances.

Blood or Lab Tests

If patient has had blood or lab tests prior to his or her visit, the doctor will review them to insure full understanding of the patient's current health status. 

7-Day Food Diary

Required of all patients before their first consultation, this diary allows the doctor to see a pattern of food choices that be affecting the patient's overall health.

Personalized Food Guide

Changes to the patient's diet and eating habits suggested by Dr. Kovacs that will help rebuild the proper nutrients that the body needs to restore proper function.

An Individualized Clinical Nutrition Program Can Improve:

Low Energy/Fatigue Digestive Problems

Weight Gain

Food Cravings Food Intolerances

Hot Flashes

Hormone Imbalances Mood Swings

Poor Eating Habits

Unresolved Health Issues Toxicity

Skin Problems

Stress & Anxiety Allergies


Chronic Pain



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  • "It's a great Chiropractor office. Dr Kovacs is thorough. Does a great job and is personal. The staff is nice and friendly to me also."
    elia , Tioga, ND